Informational and technical support of websites

A website should not merely exist. It should work and bring income. To this end, it requires regular maintenance: filling with information, checking data coming from users, monitor the quality of its functioning, etc.

We offer our services of website support. The cost depends on the schedule, complexity of work and the scale of your website. For calculation of the price, please contact us. 

We render the following services:

  • Publication of your websites on our servers.
  • Registration of domain names.
  • Adding information on your website.
  • Preparation and processing of images for your resource.
  • Moderation of user data (comments, posts) on your website
  • Preparation of texts for your website.
  • Translation services.
  • Elaboration of technical specifications.
  • Development of website blueprints and prototypes.
  • Monitoring of performance and load, data analysis.
  • Safety audit
  • Evaluation of the usability level of a website.
  • Administration of servers.
  • Configuration and customization services.
  • Installation of additional modules.
  • Re-design and modernization of outdated websites.
  • Etc.