Brief information about our company

Internet company Innoza is a modern innovative enterprise rendering services in the field of design, development, support and promotion of website and Internet systems of various complexity and purposes in Russia and abroad.

We will tell about ourselves answering several questions:

Why is Innoza an innovative company?
Why did we choose this name?
What services do we offer?
Why should you choose us?

Why is Innoza an innovative company?

The solutions we offer are based on innovative software we developed.

First of all, we would like to present a website management system named Art@CMS. Art@CMS is a convenient framework that allows for simple and prompt website administration including addition of new sections,  edition of pages and changing settings.

Due to Art@CMS all our websites are:

  • reliable;
  • fast;
  • safe;
  • advanced.

Furthermore, we develop information systems of various purposes and topics, including educational and cultural, and also take part in scientific research projects.


Why did we choose this name?

Innoza is an original word that is easy to memorize and that briefly reflect the essence of our activities – “Pro innovation!”

We stand for innovation, not only innovation in science and industry in general, but also for innovation in specific areas and fields.

Innovation is an improvement or a novelty that considerably raises the efficiency of a current system. Our company sees innovation as for example development of a corporate website or an online store that results in attracting new customers or entering new markets,  and introduction of a new information system that brings about the reduction of costs and improvement of quality of services.

We can assist your business in implementation of innovations – contact Internet company Innoza and we will not only advise you on applying information technology in business, but also offer the best solutions corresponding all modern trends.

What services do we offer?

Internet company Innoza renders a broad range of services related to introducing information technology into your business.  First of all they are:

  • development of websites of various complexity (corporate websites, online stores, web portals);
  • information and technical support of websites;
  • promotion of your products (your organization) on the Internet;
  • consulting on the use of information technology on your business;
  • other services.

Why should you choose us?

We can name at least five reasons you should choose us:

1. We do not offer formalized work, we offer a ready-to-use solution, not a process by a result.

We only offer complete solutions that are ready to use for intended purpose as soon as you pay for them. When ordering a website, you get a turn-key website, installed and put online, able to meet the challenges set for it.

2. Reasonable prices.

We do not brag about the lowest prices on the market though we do our best to make them as affordable as possible and make our services as accessible as possible.

Our main priority is the quality of developed solutions and we are willing to bear additional costs to pick the best:

  • the best server equipment for publishing your resources online;
  • the best staff (software and designing engineers, designers, managers and testers);
  • the best software and development methods.

All of the abovementioned lets us state that we offer reasonable prices, average for the regional market, and products of high quality.

3. Quality assurance.

We thoroughly test our solutions. Comprehensive test of your website based on various criteria (over 90) is one of the development stages.  Websites are tested for being cross- browser (similar display in all modern programs), stability under high charge, safety, correct performance with different settings, etc.

Moreover, you get 2 months of warranty support for free which means every error or incorrect data you come across will be immediately taken up by our staff.

4. Modern solutions.

We keep an eye on modern trends in the sphere of information technologies and promptly introduce them into our software. You website will have all features of advanced web-resources such as cell phone access, high usability and integration with social networks.

5. Development prospects.

All our solutions are capable of further development. In the future you will be able to add new sectors and possibilities while retaining the user information.