Promotion of websites and goods on the Internet

Website promotion is a set of measures allowing to increase the number of target visitors of a website – i.e. users interested in your goods and services.

The set of promotional measures includes the following:

  • Analysis of a website and its position on the Internet, development of a promotion strategy.
  • Search optimization of a website: perfecting its code and texts for better search engine positioning.
  • Provision of clickthroughs from other thematic websites.
  • Contextual, banner and other ads.

Innoza runs website promotion in a following manner:

Step 1. Price: 5000 roubles.

Complex analysis of a website, its characteristics and ranking is conducted. As a result, an analytical report including research data, thorough promotion plan and its cost is drawn up.

Step 2. Price: from 5000 roubles a month.

Depends on the complexity of work and is calculated at step 1. Promotion is carried out according to the plan.